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Arriving together it's just the start, keeping together it's just progressing, but working together means success.
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FIECAT Foundation is born to help the local economy production system

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Today’s companies do not need words, they need facts. FIECAT participates with the companies in the strategies to achieve nowadays’ challenges.

Innovation can be applied to any environment. Research for opportunity and engagement is a balance that can be measured.


In most of economies, smallest companies are the majority. In U.S.A., SMEs represent 99% of all companies and employ about 65 million people. Around the world, they represent beweeen 40 and 50% of GNP.

Also smaller ones are the most punished by crisis cycles; and the ones with a shorter lifespan in average.

FIECAT Foundation’s Observatory studies such an impact and proposes scenarios of feasible opportunities.

FIECAT Foundation accompanies SMEs through the new paths of opportunity.


Self-employed people have been toughly beaten  in the past 2020. We could talk for hours about the needs and obligations choking them.

But, with a positive look,  FIECAT Foundation works towards locating growth opportunities; while saving management costs. Accompanying in issues such as: internationalization, innovation, participation in public tender, training, et al.

If you’re self-employed or are thinking to become one, here you’ll find road mates.


Since 2013, there’s a figure called “limited responsibility entrepreneur”. It allows a physical person, with prior registration in the commercial register and under  stronger control and conditions than a conventional self-employed, contract payment obligations, protecting their usual home in case of debts.
FIECAT Foundation accompanies in the complex task of moving forward, find new opportunities, save costs and provide security and scalability to the life’s project you just have started or are about to start.


“We open new paths and strategies for Economic Impulse”
FIECAT Foundation

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FIECAT Foundation’s Social Task helps to provide muscle to the local economy production system and those people who want to be part of it.

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