Objectives for 2021




October 2021

SDG Challenges


How to make winning technical bids


El Salvador Implementation and adoption of Bitcoin


The FIECAT Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

The FIECAT Foundation with different universities from different countries and organizations will present a United Nations SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) challenge.

The FIECAT Foundation presents this webinar with the aim of analyzing and deepening how to structure and create a technical offer for a tender.

The FIECAT Foundation presents the Conference and colloquium on how it has been and what is the current moment of the implementation of the necessary tools for the management of Bitcoin and how it is being adopted in the country. With speakers from El Salvador – Honduras, Colombia, Argentina and the Croat Community #Catalancryptocurrency

We are pleased to announce that the FIECAT Foundation has opened a line of collaboration with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Setembre 2021

BxCat – September 17 in Girona 1ª Blockchain Fair Catalonia


Global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Forum to the United Nations SDGs – September 21 – International Online


Tools to win tenders: “ISO Certificates” – September 30

The FIECAT Foundation accompanies the Croat Community, Catalan Cryptocurrency by putting up a Stand at the BxCat Fair, we will also be accompanied by local producers (Km0) so that they can sell their products for cryptocurrencies.

The FIECAT Foundation participates on behalf of the Croatian Community, Catalan Cryptocurrency in the Global Blockchain Forum towards the United Nations SDGs organized by the PHI Global Economic Movement.

The FIECAT Foundation presents this webinar on how to achieve technical solvency in a collaborative way.

Agost 2021

Croat Blockchain Conference Catalan Cryptocurrency and 3D Printing

We celebrate Engineer’s Day in Bogotá by participating with the Nuevo Horizonte University Foundation, with which the FIECAT Foundation collaborates with different projects.

Juliol 2021

Webinar “Internationalization, an opportunity for SMEs”

The FIECAT Foundation launches new strategies for the internationalization of SMEs through collaborative work

Juny 2021

Campaign for collaboration and revitalization of small businesses

Draw for two tickets to see the STAY HOMAS, for all those customers who have interacted in the purchase of local products or services (Km0 Campaign) with Croats, the Catalan Cryptocurrency.

maig 2021


The FIECAT Foundation signs the Manifesto for the protection of the environment and biodiversity of Catalonia and participates in the meetings.

maig 2021

Webinar: Anem x Feina  “Tender Public Procurement”

The FIECAT Foundation and Anem x Feina have reached an agreement to help their partners in training to bid on Public Procurement.

May 27 at 7:30 p.m.


Abril 2021

17th Latin American Festival of Free Software Installation FLISOL – Flisol Catalonia


04/24/2021 at 4 pm Catalonia time – 9 am Bogota time

The FIECAT Foundation & the Croat Community, the Horizonte University Foundation and e-Truke, participate with a workshop on Croat Coin #Catalancurrency


Create an economical exchange environment with Croat Coin, learn how to make your own wallet and use a POS to sell your products.

ABRIL 2021

“Estonia, how the Digital Republic works, an opportunity in Europe”

Conference – Colloquium by the Honorable Mr. Jordi Puigneró i Ferrer, Minister of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya

April 10 at 5:00 p.m.

Abril 2021

Social Currencies – Croat #CatalanCryptocurrency ”


The FIECAT Foundation participates in the I Iberoamerican Conference on Social and Complementary Currencies, representing the #CatalanCryptocurrency in Croat

From 09 to 11 April

Març 2021

Webinar  “Social Selling,  LinkedIn”

LinkedIn – Platform of Professionals to establish collaborations aimed at achieving “Quality Contacts” that bring us closer to “Good Business”

March 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Febrer 2021

Webinar “Tenders, public procurement”

“Bidding for a business opportunity for SMEs” Introduction to participate in Public Administration Projects

February 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Gener 2021

The Foundation collaborates in the production of the Video: “Exhibition of Fractal Cartographies”

FIECAT collaborates with two Andorran artists, producing a video enlivened with the music Gotta be patient by STAY HOMAS


The Website is complete

The FIECAT Foundation Website is published

Desembre 2020

General Assembly and Constitution of the Positions of the Foundation

The General Assembly is convened in December, and the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary are constituted

Novembre 2020

Constitution of the FIECAT Foundation

The FIECAT Foundation is registered in November


FIECAT Foundation's social task is focused on entrepreneurs and creative individuals. To people willing to explore new ways to improve the local economy production system and open to innovation and the challenges that a changing society forces achieving.

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