Objectives for 2021




June 2021

Technological Thursdays – June – Webinar “Opportunities for companies in Andorra

The Principate of Andorra, a very attractive country for opening new markets in Europe.

May 2021

Technological Thursdays – May – Webinar “Crypto-coins: CROAT, the catalan coin”

The Croat, was a silver catalan coin created in 1285 by king Pere “the Great”. It was also known as “Barcelonian Croat”.


Technological Thursdays – May – Webinar  “The Global Digital Identity”

The Universal Global Digital Identity and the e-Government, by means of blockchain technology

April 2021

17th Latin American Free Software Installation Festival FLISOL

Flisol Catalunya

April 24th at 4 pm Catalonia time – 9 am Bogota time

The FIECAT Foundation & the Croat Community, the Horizonte University Foundation and e-Truke, participate with a workshop on Croat Coin #CatalanCryptocurrency

Create an economical exchange environment with Croatian Coin, learn how to make your own wallet and use a POS to sell your products.


Webinar – April 10th DIGITAL REPUBLICS
“Estonia, how the Digital Republic works, an opportunity in Europe”

TConference – Colloquium by the Honorable Mr. Jordi Puigneró i Ferrer, Minister of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Saturday, April 10, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.


Croatian the #criptomonedacatalana ”

April 9-11, 2021

The FIECAT Foundation participates in the I Iberoamerican Conference on Social and Complementary Currencies, representing the #criptomonedacatalana in Croatia:

March 2021

Technological Thursdays – March 25th – Webinar  “Social Selling,  LinkedIn”

LinkedIn – Professionals Platform to establish collaborations oriented to achieve “Quality Contacts” that leads us to “Good Businesses”

February 2021

Technological Thursdays – February 25th – Webinar  “Public tenders, the public purchase”

“Public tender bidding, a business opportunity for SMEs”. Introduction to participating in Public Administration’s Projects.

January 2021

The Foundation collaborates in the production of the video: “Exhibition Fractal Cartographies”

FIECAT collaborates with two Andorran artists, producing a video enlivened with the song “Gotta be patient” by Stay Homas


The web page is finished

FIECAT Foundation’s web page gets published

December 2020

General Assembly and Constitution of Foundation’s Posts

In December, the General Assembly is convened; and the positions of President, Vice president and Secretary are assigned.

November 2020

FIECAT Foundation’s constitution.

In November, FIECAT Foundation is registered.


FIECAT Foundation's social task is focused on entrepreneurs and creative individuals. To people willing to explore new ways to improve the local economy production system and open to innovation and the challenges that a changing society forces achieving.

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