FIECAT Foundation develops support programs to strengthen the local economy production system. And collaborates  with other social organizations around Europe.

Our team of companions develop projects of support  and adjustment to new challenges inside a live and changing economy

Both our social and educative programs, as well as our training in innovation, tools, markets, ecology and social action, approach the required places in Europe and request it



The opportunities of operating from different places of Europe allow the companies to have their voice where most of the success can be achieved with an optimum cost. Online platforms provide the possibility of gaining new customers anywhere in the world. FIECAT Foundation accompanies entrepreneurs in knowing and establishing in those markets under an acceptable cost and minimizing risks.


Tender awarded!

It’s a project in which we join people and companies to be able to achieve the challenges of winning public tenders in Europe. FIECAT Foundation does the accompaniment and follow-up to achieve the challenge of participating in the public market.



Production in the closest environment has lots of advantages: ecological, low risk, network empowerment. New technologies and new materials helps us to think, not in a massive production, but in a more rational and quality minded one.



Being eco-friendly supposes an important change of mind for people and companies: how things are done, new required dynamics to apply, relation with the closest environment, et al. FIECAT Foundation helps implement such procedures and approaches interested companies to market opportunities with these requirements. Easing access to subventions and the alignment to market and ethical entities.

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